Wolfgang Baur's The Free City Wolfgang Baur's The Free City

The Empire of the Ghouls

Deep below the earth, in caverns lightless and unknown to man, live our nightmares: the spidery drow, the wild alien mind shredders and intellect devourers, and worst of all, the insatiable ghouls in their cities and empires.

This Open Design project created a fully-detailed underdark society of civilized ghouls. This includes some description of their gods, slaves, templates, new monsters, and unique magic, and then sets up all those elements within a multi-level adventure for roughly 9th to 12th level. The final result is a 160-page page adventure unlike any other, with lethal and new challenges for any experienced party.

  • Fully-mapped ghoul empire and underdark cities
  • More than 80 playtested encounters, many with tactical maps
  • A ghoul prestige class, the Imperial Hunter
  • Design interviews with Ari Marmell and Sigfried Trent
  • Ghoul magic and items unique to the Imperium
  • And 8 new deadly monsters!

The whole package is professional illustrated and laid out, and both hardcover and softcover versions were made available to patrons through lulu.com.


This project is closed and no longer available to the public.