Wolfgang Baur's The Free City Wolfgang Baur's The Free City

Courts of the Shadow Fey

The shadow fey have long been considered a threat to more civilized creatures: cruel, capricious, and utterly without remorse, they go where they please and do what they will with little regard for the consequences. Now the shadow fey ambassador has claimed the city as a fiefdom of the Shadow Court, and he listens to no one who claims otherwise. "Speak with the Queen if you must complain," offers the ambassador.

Visit the shadow fey court in a 4th Edition Paragon adventure like no other! Stealth, bribe, and duel your way to triumph over the court's schemes, slay its heroes, and outwit its queen and courtiers.


As with every patronage project, you will see the adventure designed, can make suggestions to the designer, and will be acknowledged in the credits. The project will be a minimum of 64 pages long, with full maps and art, new shadow PC race, and new Shadow lore. All senior patrons (those who purchase three or more patronages) may contribute a Courtier or Servant of the Queen as part of the NPC roster for the Court.

Senior Patronages

As a $104.85 senior patron, you gain access to the senior patron discussion and review of materials. You will have complete access to the playtest draft and other drafts, art, maps, and so forth. You may pitch encounters and request design essays. (Quantity: 3)

For $209.70 major donors, you have access to all the other patron perks, and you will receive a signed, autographed copy of the final book. (Quantity: 6)

Open Design

Want to know more about how patronage projects work? See the Open Design FAQ for details.