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Blood of the Gorgon

Men always seek the blood of monsters. Some spill it to avenge their massacred families. Others swim through an ocean of gore to find treasures worth the envy of kings. A few know blood can be a priceless treasure in and of itself.

Alchemy has long used the lifeblood of monstrosities as arcane fuel, and of all the legendary beasts, the blood of the gorgon holds the most secrets. Few know the blood's darkest lore – its ability to draw out the monster within every soul. Those who drink gorgon's blood are forever changed, and the darkest horrors of their mind unleashed.

The heroes hunt a deadly murderer who stalks the streets of the Free City of Zobeck after nightfall, and cross blades with a guild of monsters who rule the city from below. Lucky heroes might risk no more than their lives. Unlucky heroes must wager their souls in a game where monsters and men dance close enough to share their blood… and their fate.

Patrons commissioned this work. Join us, and drink deep!

Blood of the Gorgon is a 50,000+ word dark urban adventure in which the heroes brave terrors without and within. Written by Nicolas Logue and developed by Wolfgang Baur, this patron-driven project was released as a limited edition, and only patrons of Open Design received a copy of the adventure.

The final design shipped to patrons in July 2008, as a full-color PDF and with a print option provided as well.


Blood of the Gorgon is out of print.


Nicolas Logue is the author of Dragons of Eberron, Eyes of the Lich Queen, and City of Stormreach, as well as wildly original adventures such as "Chimes at Midnight" (Dungeon #133) and Pathfinder #3, "Hook Mountain Massacre". Plus the "Ecology of the Barghest", in Kobold Quarterly #2. He's eating your brain even as you read this.

Wolfgang Baur is the founder and primary author of Open Design projects, including the ENnie-nominated Castle Shadowcrag and the fan-favorite Empire of the Ghouls. He's also the publisher of Kobold Quarterly magazine and the author of Dark*Matter, Frostburn, Pathfinder #4: Fortress of the Stone Giants, and many other works.

OPEN DESIGN is a community-driven company devoted to adventure design and online participation. It has published a series of privately-commissioned adventures that have been widely praised in the RPG community as setting a higher standard for PDF publication.