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Six Arabian Nights

While Empire of the Ghouls was massively big and fun, writing it took too long. It also grew a little larger than the patron format really supports.

The Six Arabian Nights project was designed to be much, much shorter and faster than Empire was. The final 94-page, full-color module was delivered to its patrons on January 31st, 2008.

The Six Arabian Nights

This short adventure anthology is adaptable for low to mid levels (roughly 5 to 10). The style is episodic, with the short pieces chosen by the patrons. These adventures could be one-shots in any campaign, very plug-and-play. The chosen pitches and their authors are:

  • The Blood Oasis: Ghuls have been doing some nasty, nasty things out at the oasis. By Jeff Grubb, author of TSR's Arabian Adventures book.
  • Bottled Desire: A bit of romance and chase through a crowded market from David "Zeb" Cook, the designer of Planescape and the 2nd Edition D&D books.
  • Cult of the Howling God: Cultists, assassins, and corruption. Classic pulp adventure. By Wolfgang Baur, founder of the Open Design series.
  • The Gravebinder's Daughter: A one-night trek through a huge necropolis full of secrets. Also by Wolfgang Baur.
  • The Sand Pirates: Nautical action on a flying ship, with new monsters and a half-efreet captain. By Clay Fleischer.
  • Wishbound: A corrupted genie seeks redemption, with a small twist to the ending. By Joshua Stevens.


This project is closed and no longer available to the public.