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About Wolfgang

I was born near Chicago and grew up in the shadow of cornfields, and within driving distance of Lake Geneva, WI, the omphalos and center of the roleplaying universe in those days. Years later, I went to work there as assistant junior flunky for Dungeon Magazine, and eventually worked my way up to editor of Dragon Magazine. It was a plum gig, but I left it to go work at Wizards of the Coast.

At Wizards...Well, I edited a lot of books, I published Dark*Matter and a few other projects, and I eventually had to quit because the constant layoffs made me crazy.

I launched Open Design in 2006, to create a community of gamers, artists, and designers discussing how to have more fun with adventures and how to write better ones. So far, so good.

If you have questions, you can reach me at Open Design.

Wolfgang Baur